Quantea is the emerging leader in Data Storage Solutions and technologies for Network Traffic Intelligence.


      • Sustained capture/store to disk speeds up to 20Gbps.
              • Capturing and Data Storage, all in one.
              • Zero Packet loss.
              • 32GB memory for sustained performance.
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        • Versatile Traffic Generator for the Enterprise
        • High performance to test network capability.
        • Define Transfer and Application Layers. 
        • Generate traffic through SFP or/and copper. 
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            • State-Of-The-Art High Availability Cluster. 
            • High Performance file system regardless of size.
            • Real-time data syncing  between nodes. 
        • Qlink offers seamless communication between nodes.
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       • Highest Price-to-Performance ratio in the market today.
              • Available in 16TB-144TB Capacities.
              • End-to-End Integration and Software Optimized
              • QManager Overlay
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